Monday, March 5, 2007

Spiraling into an abyss

Last night I made the mistake of struggling with Prolog before going to bed - sheez. It was the first time I tried my hand at this weird (only because it is so different I suppose) language.

Here is a Prolog solution to The Towers of Hanoi game, amazing...

It was just after midnight, reluctantly pulling my last cigarette, I decided to have a squiz at my first AI assignment - I'm studying post-grad Computer Science, part-time. I found the first 2 chapters of the textbook relatively straightforward, so I was confident and enjoying it. After I got stuck for a couple of minutes on what seemed to be a trivial error in my code, one of those you know is right there in front of you, I found myself utterly confused and exausted. I went to bed.



When you're ill you sometimes you "dream" all night about events, things or even concepts you encountered during the day - I decorated the word dream, because it's more of a constant blurred awareness of the events, things or concepts bugging you. Hope that made sense. Well, I constantly "dreamt" Prolog last night - it was terrible.

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